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Returning Players

If you have previously been a member of the kin and our forums, but been inactive for 3 months or more, then you may have been deactivated.

If you wish to return, then either send an ingame message to an officer who will re-activate you, or *apply* again via applications saying who you are and we will re-activate the account.

Thanks, the officers of CoL.
The Council Of Light
Hello, and welcome to The Council of Light!

We are a rank 10 kinship on the Evernight server, originally from Eldar , and have existed since the day Shadows of Angmar was released.

We mainly focus on raiding, but we are not strangers to having a little fun from time to time, it being Ettenmoors, Chickenruns, Chobbitruns, or raiding in the older instances.

We are currently messing around in MT, doing big battles, 6 man stuff and abusing dwarves with a group consisting of good, fun-loving and friendly players (and an abnormally lucky dwarf....)

If you wish to join you must be willing to wear a pink outfit while raiding, its a tradition, or an old charter, or something.

Become A Legend
OD Wound T2C
OD Fear T2C
OD Disease T2C
OD Poison T2C
OD Ivar T2C
OD Gortheron T2C

BG Durchest T2C
BG Twins T2C

Erebor T2C

Regards from The Council of Light!